360 by Design

360 BY DESIGN Competencies

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There are 94 research-grounded competencies and 5 derailment factors available from which to choose. They are grouped by themes for purposes of clarity and organization only. The number of items (questions) for each competency is displayed in parentheses.

Leading Others

Managing Effective Teams and Work Groups

Valuing Diversity and Difference

Communicating Effectively

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Developing Others

Problems That Can Stall a Career

Leading the Organization

Managing Change

Managing Politics and Influencing Others

Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Taking Risks and Innovating

Setting Vision and Strategy

Enhancing Business Skills and Knowledge

Managing the Work

Understanding and Navigating the Organization

Problems That Can Stall a Career

Leading Yourself

Developing Adaptability

Managing Yourself

Exhibiting Leadership Stature

Demonstrating Ethics and Integrity

Increasing Self-Awareness

Increasing Your Capacity to Learn

Displaying Drive and Purpose

Problems That Can Stall a Career

NEW Global Competencies

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