360-Degree Assessment:
Assessing the Lessons of Experience

How do executives develop on the job? Do certain critical experiences matter in an executive’s development? Research conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership has shown an undeniable link between experiences successful highlevel executives encounter and the evolution of leadership skills. Help your executives develop to their fullest potential by introducing them to Benchmarks.

What is Benchmarks?

Benchmarks is a 360-degree assessment tool that offers experienced managers an in-depth look at development by assessing skills honed from a multitude of on-the-job leadership experiences. Benchmarks also helps executives identify what lessons may still need to be learned, establishes what specific work experiences need to be sought out in order to develop critical skills for success, and identifies possible problems that may stall their career.

The Benefits of Using Benchmarks

IN-DEPTH FEEDBACK. Unlike other assessment tools, Benchmarks does not emphasize administrative or communication skills — innate characteristics that usually change little through the course of a lifetime. Instead, Benchmarks goes deeper into development
to assess skills learned by engaging in critical on-the-job experiences and how certain qualities are expressed in leadership behavior. Further, Benchmarks assesses problems that may stall a career, helping an executive work on specific issues before his/her career is derailed.

IN-DEPTH DEVELOPMENT. Development is not a one-time event but rather a long-term, continuous process. Because of this, each Benchmarks Feedback Report is accompanied by a
Developmental Learning Guide. Tis guide helps the participating manager develop an effective strategy for change.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Benchmarks feedback is presented graphically as well as numerically — making it easy for the participating manager to assess areas of strength and areas in need of development.

VALID AND RELIABLE. Benchmarks is based on years of Center research with thousands of top executives located throughout the world. Our researchers continually assess Benchmarks to ensure that it is reliable and valid in our ever-changing world. You can always be assured that Benchmarks measures exactly what it says it does.

FLEXIBLE. In addition to a paper-and-pencil version, Benchmarks can also be completed online, and it can be used in a variety of situations:

What Benchmarks Measures





Customized Services

To support and strengthen the impact of your Benchmarks initiative, we offer a range of services, including:

Components of a Survey Set

Each Benchmarks set includes the following:

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