Spectrum CPI 260
for Leadership

Building on the exceptional 50-year history, validity, and reliability of the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™) instrument, the CPI 260™ assessment opens a new window into people's strengths and opportunities for development, offering a vibrant portrait of the individual as seen through the eyes of others. Ideal for one-on-one coaching, small group training, or any performance improvement initiative, this powerful, business-focused assessment transforms the venerable CPI instrument into one of today's most popular leadership development and management training tools. Its 260 carefully selected items measure more than two dozen scales in five areas and suggest targets for further development in interpersonal behavior, social and personal values, cognitive needs and performance, and personal and work-related characteristics.

Based on questionnaires that have been used and validated in a wide variety of management and leadership development programs, results are highly predictive of managerial competencies.

An individual's responses to the Spectrum CPI 260 instrument are compared to responses from a large number of experienced men and women executivessuccessful individuals who are "on track" for continued success and advancement.

The Coaching Report for Leaders offers insight into your particular strengths and areas for potential development in 18 leadership characteristics, organized into the following core performance areas: Self-Management; Organization and Planning; Team Building and Teamwork; Problem Solving; and Sustaining the Vision. The final section of the report offers advice on planning the next steps of an individual's leadership development path. Organization development consultants, training and
development professionals, human resource managers, and executive coaches are urged to use this report as an essential tool in building management and leadership development programs.

Coach leaders at every level in key leadership competencies: self-management, organizational capabilities, team building, problem solving, and sustaining the vision. The CPI 260 assessment-an essential tool in management and leadership development programs today-explores 18 characteristics essential for leadership and suggests next steps on the path to leadership excellence.

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