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Executive Dimensions is designed for presidents, COOs, CEOs, executive vice presidents and other senior executives. The Center for Creative Leadership’s senior executive training programs — Leadership at the Peak and Developing the Strategic Leader — have featured Executive Dimensions since May 2000.

What is Executive Dimensions?

Executive Dimensions is a 360-degree assessment-for-development tool designed by researchers at the Center for Creative Leadership to address the leadership issues at the top levels of an organization.

The Benefits of Using Executive Dimensions

FOCUSES ON SENIOR-LEVEL EXECUTIVES. The challenges faced by executives at the top positions in organizations can vary a great deal from those at middle management levels. Executive Dimensions focuses on the specific leadership issues of presidents, COOs, CEOs, executive vice presidents and other senior executives.

EXCLUSIVE NORMATIVE DATA. Executive Dimensions users see their personal scores compared to an exclusive normative base of other very senior executives. Unlike other assessments that contain normative data encompassing all users, Executive Dimensions data are screened to ensure that only the very top level leaders are included in the normative base.

EASY TO UNDERSTAND. Research indicates that the amount of feedback one receives diminishes the higher one moves within an organization. Executive Dimensions enables the user to obtain a broad feedback picture from a variety of co-workers, including rater group breakout by bosses, board members, peers, direct reports and others. The feedback is presented numerically and in graph format, making it easy to interpret and identify patterns. Executive Dimensions also allows the raters to supplement their responses with written comments.

What Executive Dimensions Measures




Customized Services

To support and strengthen the impact of your Executive Dimensions initiative, we offer a range of services, including:

Components of a Survey Set

Each Executive Dimensions set includes the following:

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