360-Degree Assessment:
Discovering the Ability to Learn and to Lead

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Today’s world is a place of rapid and constant change. To be successful, individuals must be willing to learn from new experiences and have the ability to apply those learnings to workplace challenges. Prospector, using an Internetbased
platform, assesses the leadership skills most often found in successful executives and the learning behaviors needed to acquire those skills.

What is Prospector?

Prospector is a research-based 360-degree feedback tool that assesses an individual’s willingness to engage in — and openness to learn from — growth opportunities. Prospector was developed specifically to be used with highpotential managers, executives and managers with global responsibilities, and high-level individual contributors.

The Benefits of Using Prospector

FEEDBACK FOR TODAY’S LEADERS. Prospector gives managers feedback on skills that can help them improve their ability and willingness to learn — important characteristics for success in the global business environment.

FEEDBACK FOR TODAY’S ORGANIZATIONS. Prospector can help innovative organizations establish a culture in which improved learning skills are recognized and highly valued as an overall organization objective.

INTERNET-BASED. Participants and raters complete Prospector’s short survey (just 48 items) online.

FLEXIBLE. Prospector can be used in a variety of situations:

VALID AND RELIABLE. Prospector is based on in-depth research conducted with more than 800 global managers and executives in 21 countries. It contains extensive norms, which were updated in 2004.

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT. Because development is not a one-time event, but a continuing process, Prospector comes with a Learning Guide that helps managers use their feedback to develop practical, effective plans for continued long-term development.

What Prospector Assesses

Using comprehensive multi-rater feedback, Prospector assesses the skills most often found in successful executives and the learning behaviors needed to acquire those skills.



Customized Services

To support and strengthen the impact of your Prospector initiative, we offer a range of services, including:

Technical Requirements

The minimum technical requirements needed by any individuals using Prospector are listed below. Additional recommendations, although not required, are listed in order to optimize a user’s experience. We recommend that a member of your information technology group review these requirements prior to purchase and use.

Browser Internet Explorer (4.0 or later) or
Netscape (4.51 or later)
  28.8 Modem (Note: When using a modem, users may experience significant delays.)
Display 256 color or better, 800 x 600 minimum
screen resolution
Hardware Pentium 166 PC with 32MB RAM
Software Adobe Acrobat Reader is required in order to access electronic Feedback Reports. Microsoft Word 2000 or higher is required to use the electronic Development Planning Guide.
JavaScript Browsers must be JavaScript-enabled
Cookies Cookies must be enabled
E-mail Both Participants and their selected Raters must
be able to receive Internet (external) e-mail

*IT Messaging Administrator must be informed to open any firewalls that may prohibit access to the following domains:

Components of a Survey Set

Each Prospector set includes the following:

Download Sample PDF

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