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Why Cleveland Consulting Group?

We apply innovative methods to help organizations and executives discover new ways of “being” that lead to profound changes. We give an organization more life. Like you, we believe that your business is more than just a problem to be solved.

Executive Development Executive Development Executive Development Executive Development

Executive Development

Unleashing Your Potential For Leadership Excellence

In today’s fast paced world, executives are being driven to perform to the cutting edge of their competency. But executive development has not kept pace with these demands. As a result, in this chaotic and evolving business environment, many executives are asked to perform beyond their capacity.

The Cleveland Consulting Group's individual executive development programs provide custom leadership development opportunities for senior managers and executives to identify the specialized skill sets they need to thrive, grow and expand their capacities. Executive development supports each individual client by bridging the gap and creating extended competence. Often necessary after a recent position change or the addition of job responsibilities, bridging the gap focuses on what is missing in the present level of performance. It builds on existing competencies, using them as pillars to build new competencies that are required to meet new demands. Our framework for executive development ensures a sound and constructive relationship with you. Our consultants build on this relationship, supervising the assessment, challenging the participant in a manner that encourages the stretch needed for development, and then supporting the participant to promote positive change.


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