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Herb Stevenson
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About Herb Stevenson

Business Owner: 1985 - Present


President/CEO Cleveland Consulting Group Inc.,
a Native American and USMC veteran owned firm.

Minority Owner

1985-2000: Executive Vice President, Young & Associates, Inc., Kent, Ohio.
A subchapter S, Management Consulting corporation employing approximately 25 professional and staff personnel.


Consultant: 1985 - Present

Executive Coach: 1985 - Present

Diversity Initiatives: 2004 - Present

Support organizations in the design and implementation of diversity and management and inclusivity initiatives.

Turnaround Specialist: 1985 - 1996

Developed Turnaround Action Plan concept for financial institutions failing and/or under government enforcement action. Successfully completed turnarounds in nine financial institutions. Focus included the following:

Trainer: 1978 - Present

Professional Training

2000- Present: Faculty Member of Gestalt Institute of Cleveland

2003- Present: Faculty Member of Cleveland State University

2006 - 2009: Faculty Member of College of Executive Coaches

2003 -Present: Natural Leadership

Group Facilitator

2000 - Present Gestalt Institute of Cleveland,
Men’s Circle, Cleveland, Ohio

Bank Trainer

1985 - 1996: Developed an internal training program covering all aspects of banking.


Banker: 1978 - 1985


Western Ohio National Bank & Trust Co., Covington, Ohio-Vice President. Managed all areas of a bank, including the following:



Undergraduate & Graduate Schools
  Wright State University, B.A., Economics and Communications 1977
  Cleveland State University, M.A., Organizational Psychology with Diversity Specialization 2001
Gestalt Institute of Cleveland: Center for Clinical Theory & Practice
Training Programs Post Graduate Training Program 1997-99
  Working With Groups 1999
Workshops Healing Tasks with Survivors of Abuse 1997
  Introduction to Resistance 1998
  Working with Resistance 1998
  Collaborative Management of Conflict 1998
  Voice of Shame 1999
  Finding Our Sons 1999
Gestalt Institute of Cleveland: Organization & Systems Development Center
Training Programs Becoming a Better Intervener 1999-2000
Workshops Polarities of Power 1997
  Organizational Resistance 1998
  Interpersonal Interaction 1998
  Managing Conflict in Groups 1999
  Advanced Group Work: Design Skills in an Organizational Setting 2000
  Coaching 2001
  Case Western Reserve University---Weatherhead School of Management
Appreciative Inquiry: The Revolutionary Methodology for Positive Organizational Change
  Harvard University—Bob Kegan & Lisa Lahey Train the Trainer Program for Immunity to Change 2005
  Harthill—Dr. William Torbert
Leadership Development Profile training
  Dannemiller/Tyson, Atlanta, Georgia
Whole Scale Change
  ChangeWise—Dr. William Joiner
Leadership Agility Coaching LA 360 Certification Training
  Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth:
Leadership and Strategic Impact


National Training Laboratory—Bethel Maine Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) 2001
CPP—California Myers-Briggs Type Instrument 2003
California Personality Inventory
Thomas-Kilmann Instrument
Strong Inventory
HayGroup— Boston Massachusetts Daniel Goleman 360 Emotional Competency Inventory 2003
Immunity to Change—Boston, Massachusetts Bob Kegan/Lisa Lahey Model 2005
Center for Creative Leadership—Greensboro, North Carlina Developing Leadership Training/360 by Design Executive Inventories. 2006
College of Executive Coaches—Pismo Beach, California Certified Professional Coach (CPC) 2007
Harthill—Boston/London Leadership Development Profile Certification 2009



United States
Marine Corps:
Platoon Honor Man 1972
  Series Honor Man 1972
  Blues Award 1972
  Leatherneck Award 1972
  Two Meritorious Promotions 1972-73
Freedom's Foundation
Valley Forge, Pa.
George Washington Medal of Honor Award 1973
Danforth Fellowship Nomination 1976
Who's Who American Colleges & Universities 1974-75
  Midwest 1984-10
  America 1997-10
  World 1984-10
  Industry & Finance 1984-10
  Emerging Leaders 1990-00
  In American Law 1992-10
  In American Education 2002-10
International Biographical Centre, Cambridge,
Great Britain
Men of Achievement 1985-89
  International Who's Who of Intellectuals 1987-96
  International Leaders in Achievement 1987-96


Management Books Executive Management Guide to An Effective Board of Directors 1990
  The Board of Directors 1990
  Insider Lending 1990,
rev. 1992
  Insider Conduct 1990
  Investment Management 1990,
rev. 1992
Regulatory Community Reinvestment Act 1990,
rev. 1992
  Equal Credit Opportunity Act 1990
  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act 1990,
Rev. 1992
  Regulatory Management Deskbook 1991
  Fair Housing Deskbook 1992
Recent Articles Gestalt Coaching, OD Practitioner 2006
  Gestalt Coaching, Career & Adult Learning Journal 2007
  Paradoxical Theory of Change, Gestalt Review 2010


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